deMeng de los Muertos

deMeng de los Muertos

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Supply List for Fistful of Journals

Fistful of Journals Supply List

Hey Journaleers
So our Mexico City adventure is right around the bend, so it’s time to fill you in on the types of goodies you may wish to bring with you.  Since we won’t have a traditional workshop space, any instruction you get is going to be on the fly…in cafés, boats, buses and bars…which will be kind of fun.  So some of you may only want to sketch or collage others may want to do every little thing I demonstrate.  Let me emphasize that you can bring what you like…but I will be demonstrating all the goodies listed…sometime…somewhere.

The Basics
  1. Journal filled with blank pages - If you think you’d like to play around with collage or mixed media you may want to bring a separate pad of Mixed Media paper by Strathmore.  It’s a heavy duty paper that won’t leak through.
  2. Pencils – I prefer mechanical pencils because I don’t have to worry about sharpening them.  Also I tend to work smaller and more detailed.  This is up to you…regular old pencils or mechanical pencil.  B or 2B is what I use.
  3. Pencil Sharpener (if you didn’t bring a mechanical pencil)
  4. Eraser

Pens – here are some basic pens that will come in handy if you want to sketch or draw on top of other media…like watercolor or collage.
  1. Sharpie – black fine tip.  – these are great because you can draw on anything with them.
  2. Micron Pigma Pens by Sakura (black) - A pen with  a .5 tip and a pen with a brush tip
      Micron Pigma Pen
  3. Montana Acrylic Water Base Paint Marker- White,  Xtra Fine Tip – If you’ve taken classes from me before you know how I love my little white squiggles…well, on the go a tube of paint and a palette isn’t as handy as a pen so….this is a cool product because these are refillable paints pens.  If you can’t find this… Sharpie white paint pen will work. 
Montana Acrylic Pen

Water Soluble Goodies  – In the paint world I’m all about the washes…in this class I’ve found some items that create nice washes in pencil, pastel or pen form.  This stuff is great for adding bits of color or tones to you’re creations.
    Water Brushes
  1. Water Brush by Faber Castell, or Koi by Sakura,  or Pentel Water Brush.  Any of these will work…the basic idea is you fill them with water and you can dilute and blend water soluble media.
  2. Elegant
    Elegant Writer
  3. Elegant Writer Pen – Black Xtra Fine – These pens are really nifty because you can draw a line then blend with water.
  4. Artgraf
    Water Soluble Graphite
  5. Water soluble graphite pencil (one or two is all you need) – these are fun because you can dilute them with water and use them like watercolor.  There are a number of brands out there like ArtGraf, but any brand will do.
  6. Watercolor pencils, pastel, or…– lots of options here are a few cool products…any of these will work...YOU DON’T NEED ALL OF THESE! JUST PICK SOMETHING AND GO WITH IT!
  7. Water color
    Water Soluble pencil/pastel etc
    •  Aquarelle water soluble colored pencils – lots of brands to choose from, Derwent carries some nice pencils called Inktense and sometimes you can buy pencils individually which is great for selecting just a couple of colours that you like.
    •      Water soluble pastels  - here are a few products:  Inktense blocks by Derwent, Caran d’Ache water soluble wax pastels
    •     Peerless Watercolor –these are cool because they are basically pieces cards of watercolor paint.  Very handy for on the go.
Peerless Water Color 

  1. Small bottle of matte medium – this will come in handy for collaging your Mexican ephemera
  2. Small brush or two (1/2 inch)
  3. Ephemera you find along the way
  4. Small Gluestick (great on the go)

Andrea’s Bind What You Find Technique – so you’re on the go and you want to create your own little book from your mixed media creations…Andrea will show you guys a quick, easy on the go binding technique.
  1. Pad of Strathmore Mixed Media Paper
  2. Small pair of scissors
  3. Ruler 8” 

Anything else you can think of
Any additional mark making tools that you love to use (charcoal, conte crayons, pencil crayons…..etc. any or all of these, it’s up to you)

iPhone/Smartphone Photography App
If you have a smartphone you may want to download an APP called Snapseed.  It is really simple and you can get some pretty nifty effects.  

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